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Most of our members would be delighted to hear from you. If you are interested in their work, their books, their future works, or their specialties, please contact them below. Some may be unable to respond, but the majority of WWA members will be pleased to hear from you. This listing represents our members who have asked to have their contact information included. This is not our full membership roster.

Contact the WWA office by email at: wwa.moulton@gmail.com


Aadland, Dan draa@montana.net
Alberti, Tom tomalbertinovels@gmail.com
Altimari, William waltimari@earthlink.net
Ames, Dan www.daniamore.com
Anderson, Dorothy Daniels www.dorothyanderson.com
Anderson, Jack A. www.anderbooks.com
Anthony, Phyllis aanthony@pldi.net
Auerbach, Larry www.larrypauerbach.com
Auker, Amy Hale www.amyhaleauker.com
Austin, Thomas. (see Larry Edison)

Bagley, Will wlbagley@xmission.com
Ballard, Susan autolycus10@yahoo.com
Banks, George empnest2@sbcglobal.net
Barnes, Jim www.jimbarnes.org
Barnett, Charlie www.gateswoodbooks.com
Bartholomew, Steve www.stevebartholomew.com
Bartlett, Marie www.onceawriter.com
Baumler, Ellen B. mbaumler@aol.com or www.montanahistoricalsociety.org
Bedor, Mark markbedor@sbcglobal.net
Bell, William www.facebook.com/pages/The-Firing-Pen/294226747447758,
Beltz, Ted pappygmabeltz@cox.net
Bendell, Don www.donbendell.com
Berg, Francie www.MontanaStirrupsandSage.com
Bernhagen, Rob sundona@esedona.net
Betenson, Bill bill.bentenson@gmail.com
Bertrand, Denny dbrodeo52@gmail.com
Bierer, Billie www.billiebierer.com
Bishop, Eric www.eric-bishop.com
Black, Michelle www.michelleblack.com
Blevins, Win win.blevins@gmail.com; www.winblevins.com
Bly, Janet www.blybooks.com
Boggs, Johnny D. www.johnnydboggs.com
Boling, Fredrick W. http://www.fredrickboling.com
Boor, Jackie www.jackieboor.com
Boyle, R. W. “Doc” oldwestdailyreader@gmail.com
Bradford, John S. www.jsbradfordbooks.com
Brandsberg, George www.cedartip.com
Brant, Marley www.marleybrant.com
Braun, Matt http://www.mattbraun.com
Brewer, Donald http://www.DonaldBrewer.com
Bricklin, Julia jb@fourbrix.com
Brill, Bob brillpro@prodigy.net
Brooks, David david@dimenovels.com
Broome, Jeff jjeffersonbroome@comcast.net
Brown, Irene Bennett http://www.irenebennettbrown.net
Brown, Terry http://www.terrybrownmusic.com
Brown, Randall W. ranwayb@yahoo.com
Buchanan, Carol CarolBuchanan@swanrange.com
Bueling, Lynn D. lynnbueling@bis.midco.net
Bundrant-Taylor, Lynda K. www.lyndakbundrant.com
Burle Dan danburlesr29@gmail.com
Burton, Art atb60426@aol.com

Caldwell, Clifford crc48@ktc.com
Callen, Paulette www.paulettecallen.com
Corless, Hank rytr@cableone.net
Casanova, Mary www.marycasanova.com
Case, Oscar W. ocase@cox.net
Cash, Marie mromerocash@msn.com
Castro, Zeke zcastro@q.com
Chandler, Jon http://www.jonchandler.com
Chandler, Michael michaelchandler@sopris.net
Cherry, Bob http://www.bobcherry.com
Christina, Jim http://www.jimchristina.net=
Clagett, Thomas D. http://www.thomasdclagett.com
Claffey, Tom http://www.tomclaffey.com
Clark, Bob robertclark1920@gmail.com
C Lazy Three Press, clazy3books.com
Cleere, Jan www.JanCleere.com
Cobb, Thomas http://www.thomascobb.net
Cogburn, Brett bc@brettcogburn.com or www.brettcogburn.com
Coggeshall, Nancy coggeshall@gilanet.com or www.nancycoggeshall.com
Coldsmith, Don http://www.doncoldsmith.net
Collings, Kit kitcollings@yahoo.com
Conley, Robert J. www.hanksville.org/storytellers/conley.htm
Conwell, Kent rconwell@gt.rr.com
Cook, Donna Gholson http://www.gholsonroad.com
Cook, Raymond raymond@wasitfateordestiny.com
Corbett, Christopher corbett@umbc.edu
Corso, Joe http://www.corsobooks.com
Cox, Patricia http://www.pcoxwriter.com
Cox, Paul orosfrios@yahoo.com
Crabtree, Zona  www.zonacrabtree.com
Crigger, C. K. http://www.ckcrigger.com
Crook, Elizabeth http://www.elizabethcrookbooks.com
Crossley, Dac www.daccrossley.com
Culp, J. R. www.judyandronculp.com
Cutsforth, Kellen kcutsforth@denverlibrary.org

Dan, Barbara www.barbaradan.com
Dahlstrom, S.J. www.wildergood.com
Davis, Richard richard_davis@q.com
Dean, Lou www.loudean.com
Dearen, Patrick www.patrickdearen.com
DeBarbieri, Lili www.lilidebarbieri.com
Decker, Peter d2ranch@aol.com
Dee, James jdee008@gmail.com
Dennison, Brad mccabewesterns@gmail.com
Dent, Rayzor rayzordent@gmail.com
Devlin, Jeanne, Publisher, The Road Runner Press jeanne@theroadrunnerpress.com
Dixon, Nicole Maddalo www.nicolemdixonauthor.com
Donenfeld, Christy L. JDONENFELD@AOL.COM
Dorris, Joseph www.pinnacle5minerals.com
Downey, Lynn. www.lynndowney.com
Dunlap, Phil www.phildunlap.com

Edson, Larry (writing as Austin Thomas) www.austinthomasonline.com
Ellis, Kirk kellis1848@aol.com
Ellis, Tom www.tomellisauthor.com
Engel, Don (aka Duke Charles) twineaglepromo@sbcglobal.net
Emory, Lee www.trebleheartbooks.com
Enss, Chris gvcenss@aol.com
Estes, Ralph www.ralphestes.com
Estleman, Loren D. http://www.lorenestleman.com/

Faia, Michael a_m_faia@yahoo.com
Farmer, Michael www.wmichaelfarmer.com
Fells, Robert M. robertm.fells@yahoo.com
Fitzjerrell, Karen Casey kcfitzjerrell@gmail.com
Five Star Publications, Linda Radke linda@fivestarpublications.com
Flax, Mike launifiednovel@gmail.com
Flynn, Robert http://www.robertflynn.net
Freiberger, Harriet http://www.lucienmaxwell.com
Friesen, Ruth ruthstfa@comcast.net
Fry, Bob http://www.bob-fry.com

Gagliano, Eugene M. www.gargene.com
Galin, Robert writwell@gmail.com
Galeano, Ralph http://www.horsemanspress.com
Gamble, Richard http://www.Rlawsongamble.com
Getz, Gin www.gingetz.com
Gholson Cook, Donna www.gholson-cook.com
Goldthwaite, Carmen www.carmengoldthwaite.com
Gibbons, Rachelle “Rocky” www.rockygibbons.com
Gregory, Scott Sgreg12@aol.com
Griffin, James J. www.jamesjgriffin.net
Groneman, William (Bill) III www.wgroneman.net
Groves, Melody www.melodygroves.com
Grubb, Bob bob.grubb@sbcglobal.net

Hague, Harlan www.harlanhague.us
Haley, Roger www.rogerhaley.com
Hanley, James jhanley62@aol.com
Hamilton, John www.johnchamilton.com
Harkleroad, J. D. jdharkleroad@gmail.com
Harrigan, Stephen http://www.stephenharrigan.com
Hatfield, Shanna www.shannahatfield.com
Hartman, Joyce jdhartman@montrose.net
Hartmann, RLB www.rlbhartmann.com
Hay, Barbara www.BarbaraHay.com
Hays, J.E.S. www.jeshays.com
Hawks, Tom tdhawks@ddcaz.com
Heath, William heath@msmary.edu
Heitmann, Gregory L. www.thegmann.com
Hendrickson, Nancy nancy@nancyhendrickson.com
Herbert, Elmer C. www.echerbert.com
Herrick, Dennis www.dennisherrick.com
Herzberg, Bob bobcoll77@aol.com
Hill, Ann Terry www.annterryhill.com
Hill, Larry willcannon1947@yahoo.com
Hill, Ralph A. ralph.hill@windsorfoods.com
Hillerman, Anne www.annehillerman.com
Hinger, Charlotte www.charlottehinger.com
Hinton, Tammy www.tammyhinton.com
Hiroi, Kazuhiro “Duke” duke@viola.ocn.ne.jp
Hocking, Doug doug@doughocking.com
Holaday, M.M. mmholaday@gmail.com
Holmes, Denzel www.denzelholmes.com
Holt, Anne http://www.ahholt.com/
Horst, John C. www.themuletamer.com
Hovis, Jon www.jonhovis.com
Hudgins, Cliff www.cliffhudgins.net
Huffines, Alan C. http://www.alanchuffines.com/
Hutton, Paul Andrew hutton@unm.edu

Isenberg, Jane www.janeisenberg.com

Jacobs, Linda www.readlindajacobs.com
Jackson, Dale B. www.dalebjackson.com
James, Cheewa www.cheewa.com
Jensen, Richard www.cowboynovels.com
Jessup, David M. www.davidmjessup.com
Johnston, Linda S. www.lindasjohnston.com
Jones, Jim www.jimjonesmusic.com


Karelius, Brad karelius@cox.net
Katz, Howard lawmenforhire@twopawz.net
Keenan, Jerry jerrykkeenan@gmail.com
Kelly, Bonnie http://www.bonniekelly.org/
Kelton, Elmer http://www.elmerkelton.net/
Kimes, Royal Wade wonderrk@ymail.com
Kimball, Allan http://www.allenkimball.com/
Knudson, Michael J. http://www.rp-author.com/knudson/
Kondazian, Karen. http://www.kondazian.com/
Kraft, Louis louiskraft@dslextreme.com
Kresge, Robert www.robertkresge.com

Larson, Robert rwl2pal@q.com
Lapidus, Richard starrandwyatt@hotmail.com
Lewis, Frank W. fwlewis.wtp@gmail.com
Linder, Steven slinder@cox.net
Linstrom, Steve http://www.stevelinstromwriter.com
Lohse, Joyce www.lohseworks.com
Long, Elaine www.elainelong.com
Long, McKendree (Mike) www.mckendreelong.com
Lovin, Dale R. dalerlovin@comcast.net
Lukesh, Jean skidi@aol.com
Lynde, Stan stan@stanlynde.net

Magee, Sharon www.sharonmagee.com
Magid, Paul magid550@gmail.com
Markley, Bill http://www.billmarkley.com/
Marman, Richard jrmarman@bigpond.com
Marriott, Barbara Bbarb3@aol.com
Martin, Kat http://www.katbooks.com/
Martin, Larry Jay http://www.ljmartin.com/
Matley, Susan http://susandmatley.com/
Matney, Jerry jalvusmatney@aol.com
Matthews, George R. georon3@gmail.com
Maulding, Shoni www.hitchedhorsehair.com
Mayo, Matthew P. www.MatthewMayo.com
Mays, Buddy buddymays@bendcable.com
McCall, Deanna Dickinson dmcattle@yahoo.com
McCord, Monty silstar@charter.net
McCoy, Max http://www.maxmccoy.com/
McKee, Vonn vonnmckee@yahoo.com
McGee, Sandra www.BMCpublications.com
McGee, William www.WilliamMcGeeBooks.com
McVay, Jared www.jaredmcvay.com
Mead, Jean Henry JeanHenryMead@aol.com
Mellon, Mark www.mellonwritesagain.com
Miller, Rod www.writerrodmiller.com
Miller, Susan Cummins http://web.mac.com/scmiller46
Mills, Phil Jr www.writeswesterns.com
Milner II, Clyde A clydemilner@gmail.com
Mitchell, Major www.majormitchell.net
Mitten, Mark www.markmitten.us
Monahan, Sherry http://www.sherrymonahan.com/
Moore, Donald W. writer99@ca.rr.com
Morgan, Deborah www.deborahmorgan.com
Morrell, David www.DavidMorrell.net
Moulton, Candy www.candymoulton.com
Murphy, Robert Lee http://robertleemurphy.net

Nelson, Dorman dormannelson@sbcglobal.net
Nelson, Joel saddleup@bigbend.net
Nesbitt, John D. http://www.johndnesbitt.com/
Newton, Kenneth newton185@mchsi.com
Nicholson, Thom coltompn@sbcglobal.net
Nickle, Jerry http://www.bringingsundancehome.com/
Norden, Marilu www.marilunorden.com
Nuwer, Hank www.hanknuwer.com

O’Donnell, James www.jamesodonnell.com
Oliver, Max mboliver@gtek.biz
Olson, Jim www.mycowboyheroes.com
Olson, Earl “Jim” Jr., www.jimolsonsbooks.com
Osborne, David dosborne5@comcast.net
Osmundson, Linda L. www.LindaOsmundson.com
Oswald, Charles http://www.charlesoswald.com/
Oswald, Nancy http://www.nancyoswald.com/
Owen, Jim jowen34438@aol.com

Pennell, Duke www.Pen-L.com
Permar, Thomas tapermar@gmail.com
Peterson, Larry Len bigskycltn@aol.com
Peterson, Nancy M. www.nancympeterson.com
Peterson, Pete peterson40@cox.net
Pettingill, Jim jandkpet@montrose.net
Plain, Nancy www.nancyplain.com
Pratt, Ken kenpratt74@yahoo.com
Prescott, Matt www.matt-prescott.com
Price, Jeffreyjeffreyprice485@gmail.com
Pohle, Robert http://www.robertpohle.com
Poling-Kempes, Lesley http://www.lesleypoling-kempes.com
Puhek, Lenore lpuhek@gmail.com
Putnam, John www.goldrushtales.com

Quackgrass Sally quackgrasssally@aol.com


Ramey, J. J. R jjramey@gmail.com
Ramstetter, Mary www.clazythreepress.com/
Rasmussen, Sharon J. sharonjoy.rasmussen@gmail.com
Ravage, John W. “Jack” jlravage@olypen.com
Redmond, Mark sheriffredmond@aol.com
Reynolds, Clay http://www.clayreynolds.info/
Richards, Dusty http://www.dustyrichards.com/
Riepe, Edward trexinator@gmail.com
Ritter, Michael http://jeanbaptistecharbonneau.com
Rizzo, Tom http://www.TomRizzo.com/
Road Runner Press, Jeanne Devlin, publisher jeanne@theroadrunnerpress.com
Robson, Lucia S. http://www.luciastclairrobson.com/
Rodenberger, Charles A. CAR926@aol.com
Roderus, Frank whizzer9@yahoo.com
Roe, JoAnn www.joannroe.com
Rosebrook, Stuart www.stuartrosebrook.com
Rogers, Frank Allan http://www.frankallanrogers.com/
Rogers, Lisa Waller http://lisawallerrogers.wordpress.com
Rogers, Loretta C. www.lorettarogersbooks.com
Rose, Vicky J. www.vickyjrose.com vicky@vickyjrose.com
Russell, Allen www.allenrussellbooks.com
Russell, Don okdrussell@gmail.com
Russell, Mary Doria marydoriarussell@gmail.com

Sammons, Judy Buffington judybsa@pcrs.net
Sanders, J.R. www.jrsanders.com
Sandifer, Linda www.linda-sandifer.com
Schmidt, Lisa www.a-land-of-grass-ranch.com
Searles, “Cowboy” Mike cowboymike@aug.edu
Sheehan, Bill luminate7@gmail.com
Sherman, Jory jory@countrynet.net
Shuttleworth, Red reds@bigbend.edu
Simar, Candace www.candacesimar.com
Simpson, Patrick D. http://www.BooksByPatrickSimpson.com
Slatta, Richard W. http://www.cowboyprof.com/
Smith, Ron http://www.ronsmithbooks.com/
Smith, Troy Andrew www.troyandrewsimth.com
Smith, Troy D. www.troyduanesmith.com
Soukup, Krista Rolfzen www.bluecottageagency.com
Souter, Keith www.keithsouter.co.uk
Spencer, Kaye http://www.kayespencer.com/
Steel, Charlie www.charliesteel.net
Stephens, Billie billie.stephens@us.army.mil
Strawn, Dan ddsas9612@aol.com
Stowers, Ed Ed.Stowers@ausley.us
Summers, Gerald Lane www.mobleymeadows.com
Sundell, Joanne www.joannesundell.com
Swanson, Richie www.richieswanson.com
Sweazy, Larry www.larrydsweazy.com

Tallant, Wesley http://wttallant.wix.com/wesley-tallant-#
Taylor, Don www.oldwestresearch.com
Thompson, Mike laughinghorse@verizon.com
Timanus, Rod www.rodtimanus.com
Townsley, Gregg www.greggtownsley.com
Trego, Alice alicetrego@me.com
Truman, Phil www.philtrumanink.com
Turner, Stephen drsturner@suddenlink.net


Uglow, Loyd luglow@sagu.edu
Utley, Robert www.robertutley.com


Vaughan, Richard rvaughan@indiana.edu
Vannoy, Cynthia www.cynthiavannoywriter.com
Van Pelt, Lori www.lorivanpelt.com
Volk, Lowell F. http://www.lowellfvolkauthor.com

Wallon, Alfred www.alfredwallon.de.tl
Ward, Marsha www.marshaward.com
Weisgarber, Ann www.annweisgarber.com
West, Charles G. www.charlesgwest.com
Weston, Julie W. www.juliewweston.com
Wheeler, Joyce www.prairieflowerbooks.com
Whipple, Charles “Chuck Tyrell” ctwhipple@yahoo.com
Wilcox, Victoria, www.victoriawilcoxbooks.com
Williams, Robert RAWIlliams214@aol.com
Williamson, G. R. (Ron) www.grwilliamson.com
Willis, Ron (Ryker Williams) rykersbooks@yahoo.com
Wilson, Betty koolriter@yahoo.com
Wilson, Jim www.jimwilson.com
Woolf, Cynthia www.cynthiawoolf.com
Woolston, Carolyn www.lynnabanning.com

X, Y, Z

Yoho, R. G. www.RGYoho.com
Young, Barry H. barryhyoung@bigpond.com
Zimmer, Michael www.michael-zimmer.com
Zimmerman, Dwight Jon djonzimmerman@earthlink.net


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