This special honor was created in 2006 and is presented to the WWA member who has provided exceptional support to the organization and its goals.

2022 Rocky Gibbons, WWA Membership Coordinator, WWA Board member
2021 Quackgrass Sally, past WWA Board member, past Spur Award chair
2020 Bill Markley, WWA Member
2019 William Groneman III, WWA Member
2018 Ollie Reed, WWA Member, Roundup copy editor
2017 Chris Enss, WWA Marketing Chair
2016 Michael N. “Cowboy Mike” Searles, longtime member
2015 Johnny D. Boggs, past president of WWA, current Roundup Magazine Editor
2014 Rod Miller, past board member and membership committee chair of WWA
2013 Bob Wiseman, past board member of WWA
2012 James Ersfeld, posthumously, past associate director of WWA
2011 Cotton Smith, past president of WWA
 2010 Kathryn Swarthout, longtime member of WWA, who offered years of service to the organization, and wife to the late Glendon Swarthout
2009 Rita Cleary, past president of WWA who helped form the Homestead Foundation
 2008 Candy Moulton, longtime editor of Roundup magazine
2007 Jim Crutchfield, long-time active member, past Secretary-Treasurer and first Executive Director
2006 Natlee Kenoyer, past WWA president and long-time active member