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Hall of Fame

The Western Writers Hall of Fame is housed at the McCracken Research Library (MRL) at the Center for the American West in Cody, Wyoming. Nominations for the Western Writers Hall of Fame may come from any WWA member.

2017  Louise Erdrich
2017  Norman Maclean
2016 Lucia St. Clair Robson
2016 John G. Neihardt
2015 Edward Abbey
2015 Judy Alter
2015 S. Omar Barker
2015 Win Blevins
2015 Matt Braun
2015 Dee Brown
2015 Benjamin Capps
2015 Jose Cisneros
2015 Don Coldsmith
2015 Robert J. Conley
2015 James A. Crutchfield
2015 David Dary
2015 Clint Eastwood
2015 Loren D. Estleman
2015 Max Evans
2015 Andrew J. Fenady
2015 John Ford
2015 Fred Grove
2015 Bill Gulick
2015 W. Foster Harris
2015 Tony Hillerman
2015 John Jakes
2015 Douglas C. Jones
2015 Alvin M. Josephy Jr.
2015 Elmer Kelton
2015 David Lavender
2015 Tom Lea
2015 Elmore Leonard
2015 Leon C. Metz
2015 N. Scott Momaday
2015 Nelson Nye
2015 Lewis B. Patten
2015 Jory Sherman
2015 Gordon Shirreffs
2015 Robert M. Utley
2015 Glenn Vernam
2015 Dale L. Walker
2015 John Wayne
2015 Richard S. Wheeler
2015 Jeanne Williams
2015 Norman Zollinger
 2014  Angie Debo
2013 Terry C. Johnston
2012 Edna Ferber
2011 Wayne D. Overholser
 2010 Harold McCracken
2009 Frederick Schiller Faust (Max Brand)
 2008 Glendon Swarthout
2007 Frederick Jackson Turner
2006 Frank Waters
2005 Jack Shaefer
Will Henry
2004 Leland Sonnichsen
Walter Prescott Webb

Andy Adams
Ramon F. Adams
Mary Austin
Eve Ball
B. M. Bower
Walter Campbell (Stanley Vestal)
Willa Cather
Walter Van Tilburg Clark
Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain)
James Fenimore Cooper
Peggy Simson Curry
H. L. Davis
Bernard DeVoto
J. Frank Dobie
Vardis Fisher
Mary Hallock Foote
Frederick Glidden (Luke Short)
Zane Grey
A.B. Guthrie
Ernest Haycox
Washington Irving
Helen Hunt Jackson
Will James
Dorothy M. Johnson
Louis L’Amour
Jack London
Francis Parkman
William MacLeod Raine
Eugene Manlove Rhoades
Mari Sandoz
James Willard Schultz
Ernest Thompson Seton
Wallace Stegner
John Steinbeck
Thomas Thompson
Stanley Vestal
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Owen Wister
Donald C. Worcester
Nellie Snyder Yost