Western Writers of America formed the Homestead Foundation to support its educational and award-giving functions.  Western Writers of America members believe in perpetuating the stories and legends of the American West.  The New York Times has called them “America’s Epic,” a part of our culture.  We want to insure that the sacrifices and struggles that have built the epic will be remembered and engraved in the hearts and minds of Americans young and old, into the 21st century and beyond.  We intend to spread the word through literature, fiction, and nonfiction, by encouraging reading and writing on topics that are Western.

     How?  By granting awards for the best in Western writing.  By presenting panels and encouraging the presentation of topics Western at local exhibitions and organizations.  By sponsoring literacy efforts, encouraging school children to read and write about Western topics, encouraging the inclusion of Western material in school curriculums, and more.

     The art and history of the American West, have already assumed recognition in the annals of American culture. It’s time now for literature.  Please help us in the effort.

     A charitable 501(C)3 foundation, Homestead seeks contributions from all interested in the literary preservation of Western culture, history and traditions. Donations are welcome from writers, non-writers and interested members of the public and are deductible in full.  Donations will be used for award-giving and educational functions only. 

    All contributions will be acknowledged.  Thank you for your support.

Send your tax-deductible donations to:


The Homestead Foundation

The Western Writers of America

271 CR 219

Encampment, WY 82325