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Western Writers of America Announces 2024 Spur Award Winners and Finalists

TUCSON, Ariz. – Bestselling novelist Craig Johnson and Dayton Duncan, documentarian Ken Burns’s longtime scriptwriter, are among this year’s Spur Award winners from Western Writers of America. Winners and finalists were announced Saturday, March 9, at the Tucson Festival of Books. The Longmire Defense (Viking), Johnson’s 19th installment of his Walt Longmire mystery series, won for Best Contemporary Western Novel. Duncan won for Burns’s The American Buffalo (PBS) as Best Western Documentary Script. Since 1953,Continue Reading

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Western literature ranges far and wide across Western America. It includes many styles, from traditional western fiction to penetrating historical analysis, from mysteries to biographies, from romance to short stories, and from screenplays and documentaries to short stories, poetry, and songs. The Western literature our members create encompasses yesterday and today and imagines tomorrow. It is the literature of America’s society. Our members seek to uncover new facts, deal with new issues, seek more understanding, and offer more for readers to enjoy. Literature of the West for the World® describes the collective product of WWA members. Click below to learn more!

This is WWA today:

  • Annual Convention involving editors, agents, and offering sessions on the business of writing, history, and marketing
  • Spur Awards program
  • Educational Symposia
  • Promotion of the Literature of the American West, this country’s unique contribution to world literature
  • More than 700 members from around the world
  • Packing the West Educational Program
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Stake Your Claim in the Western Writers Of America

The WWA is an inclusive, welcoming group whose members live all over the U.S., not to mention Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. You’ll make friends, have fun, promote your work, and have the chance to hang out with some of the brightest people in the Western literature field.

Today we have more than 700 members, many of whom have garnered awards and made The New York Times best-sellers list. Click below to learn more about the benefits of membership and how you can take your place among the legends of Western writing!


Embark on a timeless journey with the storytellers of the grand American West—Join Western Writers of America today and become part of a community dedicated to preserving and celebrating the spirit and literature of this rich heritage.


Each year, Western Writers of America holds its annual convention somewhere in the American West. Members, agents, publishers, editors, and more gather to talk shop, learn, teach, make connections, renew friendships, and enjoy music performed by our members.
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WWA Awards


Our Awards section honors the finest works and contributors to the Western literary landscape. Explore the legacy of the Spur Awards and be inspired by the remarkable achievements of our esteemed members.

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