New WWA Anthology

Why Cows Need Cowboys 
and Other Seldom-Told Tales from the American West

– Edited by Nancy Plain and Rocky Gibbons

978-1-4930-5107-6 $19.95, Paperback / softback
978-1-4930-5106-9 $19.00, Electronic book text
Western Writers of America’s first anthology for young readers is now available from TwoDot. In this collection of true tales of the West, we leave textbook history in the rearview mirror and take you on a tour of twenty seldom-told dramas, the kind you might stumble across only if you leave the main road to wander the detours and byways of the American story. Here you’ll meet extraordinary characters, from a young buffalo hunter of prehistoric times to riders for the Pony Express, the first African American female stagecoach driver, and the Navajo code talkers of World War II.

Tales in this anthology range wide in time, topic, and mood, yet all celebrate a spirit that is uniquely Western.

Founded in 1953, Western Writers of America is the nation’s oldest and most distinguished organization of professionals writing about the early frontier and the American West, its past and present. Now in our sixty-eighth year, our more than seven hundred members write fiction and nonfiction, songs, poetry, short stories, plays for stage and screen, and more. The contributors to this anthology, WWA members all, include bestselling authors and winners of numerous prestigious literary awards. 

With Why Cows Need Cowboys, we invite you to journey westward with us, and we hope you enjoy the ride.

The contributing writers for this anthology represent award-winning experts from a variety of genres. 
Editor Nancy Plain is an award-winning writer of biographies and histories for readers of all ages. Rocky Gibbons writes the “Big Buckaroo” series of children’s books.