Associate Membership


Associate membership in the Western Writers of America.

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Associate members have all the rights of Active members, save that only Actives can vote for WWA officers or on proposals to amend the constitution and by­laws. In order to qualify for Associate membership, writers must have achieved one or more of the following requirements:

  • Publication of at least one (1) book about the West or
  • at least five (5) short stories, articles, or poems or
  • one (1) screenplay or
  • three (3) teleplays

Such works may be produced with or without financial assistance of the author. You may also be eligible for an Associate membership if you currently are participating in one of the following occupations, and if your work substantially concerns the West: publisher, editor, bookseller, literary agent, literary reviewer, librarian, film or television producer or director, artist or illustrator. At least one-third of such published/produced work must pertain to the American West, or early frontier.

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